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Quartz Slabs

Engineered stones are man made, and have generally become referred to as 'Quartz' slabs. They are comprised of 93% crushed quartz, and 7% resin to bind it together, along with various pigments to give it distinctive appearance - there are many different brands, but all use virtually the same formula. This is not to be confused with 'quartzite', which is a natural stone with similar properties to granite.  These quartz surfaces and countertops offer a great combination of from and function, allowing a durable and practical countertop surfacing material. For those people who want an extremely uniform appearance, and to be able to choose a color from factory produced samples, these materials are often the top choice.  With all the different brands, there are now literally hundreds of different colors to choose from.

If engineered 'Quartz' slabs like Caesarstone, Pental, Zodiac, Silestone, Cambria, etc, are what you are looking for, Northbay Stone Works has been certified as a Sales Rep and Fabrication Shop all in one. You can choose your material here, the supplier ships to us, and the fabrication is all done here in our factory. The work is not farmed out to a different shop, so we have total quality control from start to finish, and the items are produced using safe and approved methods.

LInks to Quartz Slab Suppliers

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Viatera USA