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Transfer of the template shape on stone

Drawing for the cuts out of the side shape

Ready for shaping, sanding and polishing

About Northbay Stone Works

We specialize in natural stones and engineered quartz covering or solid surfaces covering. We make every effort possible to meet our clients conceptual ideas.

The owners Greg and Marc have been in the business for the past eleven years and have acquired an excellent reputation as a stone fabrication shop. Our customers are both contractors and homeowners all are repeat clients.

Our employees have been working in our shop and at job sites with us for many years. The quality of their craftsmanship as workers as well as persons of integrity are the most important aspect of a successful shop. Repeat business relies on quality not quantity. Our fabrication process relies on one fabricator start to finish through out each job and one team to template and install each job. This achieves a standard of excellence and consistence that the fabricator and installation team is proud to call their own.

We know and understand that stones are luxuries, and every effort to adapt this (luxury) to a budget affordable for all of us. We try to make honesty our way of life, in the work we do as in the price we ask for.


We know the limitations or restrictions of our stones, in size, in colors, in grains, in imperfections, we know also the capacity and restrictions of our tools and the mechanical strength of the material we have worked with for so long… that will be the subject of our first meeting and we will try with our explanations to be clear, simple, honest and informative.

The shop pictures on the left side of the page speak for themselves, time patience and long hours of works are needed for achieve our goals.

In the last few years a new kitchen counter top has emerged at a very affordable price. Today everyone can afford a granite kitchen counter in their home. These products are coming from overseas by the thousands. They are a pre-fab cookie cutter counter tops manufactured the least expensive way, concentrating on quantity not quality. Their strategy is one size fits all. Please do not confuse this product with our custom fabrication work. Rarely are their workers licensed, bonded, or insured, as required by the state of California. These workmen cut the blanks to fit your kitchen counters in your front yard, typically in one day with small hand tools. This fabrication process takes days in our shop, in a controlled heated environment to manufacture, with a proper way to dispose of waste, and often more than one day to install properly. Often mistakes occur due to front yard manufacturing. This will effect the overall quality of your job. Stone manufacturing takes thousands of dollars in tools in a controlled shop environment. Northbay Stone works is a brand name you can trust. We are a phone call away in Marin. Years later many of our clients have called us to complement us on our work and often giving referrals to there friends. Overall pre-fab is detrimental to quality stone work in general, and is giving the industry a bad name.

Fabricators at Work

Fabricators at Work