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In the past ten plus years we have seen a change in attitudes in products and materials we fabricate. For environmental and esthetic reasons the demand for green products such as Icestone a recycled glass sustainable man made product have become popular. Northbay Stone Works have adapted our knowledge in stone working and applied these techniques to green products. These products are similar to some natural stone. We have been successful in developing and delivering these green products into your home. 

Our policy on natural stone has always been green. Stone remnants from our installed kitchens and baths in your home are recycled and used for smaller projects. Even our leftover waste stone is given away everyday to homeowners to use in their homes and yards. About 98% of all stone we cut gets used one way or another. And the good news is countries where stone is being quarried at are turning the land back to it’s natural state after the quarries have been closed, their holes have been filled and trees have been planted. All of this a major plus for the environment.

Icestone is a surfacing product only sold to fabricators who are licensed, bonded and insured in the states they do business. Icestone actively reduces the waste stream by redirecting millions of pounds of glass from landfills for use in our durable surface slabs, made of 100% recycled glass in a cement matrix. Designed to be VOC-free, Icestone is the first and only durable surface material in the world to be cradle to cradle certified for human health, environmental health, and recyclability.

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